Community Groups

Community groups at Harbor are the primary means we use to shepherd, teach, and care for our people. They are ongoing throughout the year, with most taking a break over the summer. We invite you to check out various community groups until you find one that best fits you or your family. Since groups are evolving all the time, contact leaders for an updated schedule of meetings. Most of them meet on Sundays after worship or in the evenings. As these groups become too large, we multiply them and start new groups to incorporate those who may be interested.

Eastside Community Group
Contact Geoff Henderson: (941) 932-6154 or

Co-Leader: Brian Fitch

Northside (Palmetto) Community Group

Contact: Ed Bartel: (941)714) 360-5314 or

NW Bradenton Community Group

Contacts: Alden Weichel & Tom Wilkinson

Alden – (941) 713-8066 or

Tom – (941) 720-2892 or

Palma Sola Community Group

Contacts: Adam Buskirk

Cobb Community Group

Contact: Steve Cobb at

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